Leica HDS Software Licensing Tips

February 19, 2020 Jay Meszar

Software can be a wonderful tool to assist in completing many of today’s tasks.  When it works well, it can make our jobs seem less like work and more like a hobby or fun.  When it doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, it can actually make our jobs more difficult.  Leica’s HDS software is certainly no different than other software packages out there in the sense that it can have issues that may come from any number of places.  These places can include anything from user error to faulty hardware.   There is one common error that I find people to have the most difficulty with when it comes to the HDS software.   This error has to do with licensing of the software. 

When a user can’t get a license to their Register 360, Cyclone, CloudWorx or JetStream software, they are often frustrated and annoyed by the time they reach out for help.  I would like to offer some tips and tricks for solving some common licensing issues. 

Let’s begin with general licensing problems.  All to often you might see a dialog box that resembles the image below.  This can happen for various reasons but more often than not it is easily fixed in a few minutes. 


The most common reason we might get this error is that we simply typed the name of the License Server incorrectly.  As you can see, my license is stored on my laptop which is why my license server is set to localhost.  If I intended to set my server to localhost but mistakenly typed localhst , that would be a very good reason for me to get a licensing error.   To fix this, follow the steps below:


Register 360

  1. Open Register 360
  2. Close the initial dialog box


  1. Open the Settings dialog box and click on the Licenses Tab



  1. Set the server to whatever the name of your license server is. This includes if you are storing your license on a network license server.

Cyclone Register

  1. In Cyclone Register select the Help menu and choose Set/Switch License Server…


  1. Set the name of your server here.


Another reason you may not be getting a license is because when your machine booted up, you tried to start the Leica software as soon as you could click the icon.  I know we are all in a hurry to get things done sometimes but this is probably one of the simplest yet best tips I can give you.  BE PATIENT!!!  When you are first booting your machine, wait for 2 or 3 minutes after you see the desktop appear before trying to start the Leica software.  Why you ask??  Well, there are several background services that need to run in order for your software to have everything it needs to start.  If you have quickly clicked to start your software before these services run, you might get the previously mentioned license error.  So, what can you do to fix this if it happens?  Often it can be fixed by simply rebooting your machine.  Who has time for that though?  Am I right?  Alternatively, you can close the software start your CLM (in most cases that will be CLM for Floating Licenses) and then restart the software.

Now that I have mentioned the CLM, let’s talk about some things that might happen there that could cause you to not retrieve a license.  On the very rare occasion the issue goes beyond having to just starting the CLM, here is another possible cause.  When you open the CLM, click the Manage License Server link on the left and check to see if the license manager is running. 


The CLM should start every time you start your computer.  If this doesn’t happen for some reason, you could open the Services dialog from Windows 10 and manually start the license server.  You can accomplish this task by typing Services into the Windows search bar in the Windows task bar.



Here you can see if the license server is running or is stopped.  If it is stopped, you can click the link to the left to restart it.

I have experienced one of those days where absolutely nothing goes right and I can’t get anything to work.  I supposed the only tip or trick I have to fix one of those days when it comes to Leica software is to regroup and start over.  What you are about to read next should only be done with great care and with your IT departments full knowledge of the ramifications.  Sometimes we need to uninstall and re-install.  All too often people are frustrated by this point and simply go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all things Leica and reinstall them.  Before we just go doing all of this, we need to think.  What I mean is, we need to go through all the steps I have mentioned so far and if none of them work, even an uninstall and reinstall is unlikely to work.  So before you go to www.google.com and search remove Leica software from registry and try all these registry editing commands, read further.  Leica has a tool that will assist us in removing what is needed from our machines without randomly removing software from the registry.  That tool is named the CLM Cleanup Tool.  Again, before running this, we should consult our IT department and follow some of these steps.

  1. Open the CLM and return your license
  2. Be certain the machine you are using is in no way connected to any other license manager or license server. This includes all Autodesk license managers!!

Notes in no particular order:

  • If you forget to return your EID before you run the cleanup tool, you will need to contact Leica Support to have them release the license.
  • Once the cleanup tool has been completed, there is not a way to undo the command.
  • In order to gain access to the cleanup tool, reach out to Leica Support.
  • Leica Support can play a critical role in solving all of your HDS needs. This is a major reason we suggest keeping your Leica CCP in current standing.

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