InfoDrainage: Urban Drainage Simplified

August 14, 2023 Randy McCollum

When heavy rainfall strikes a city, managing the deluge is vital to prevent flooding. Enter Innovyze's InfoDrainage, a cutting-edge software that assists engineers and planners in understanding and managing rainwater flow.

Why InfoDrainage Stands Out:

Dual Perspective - Above and Below: InfoDrainage employs two primary analysis methods. The "1D" approach focuses on underground water flow, examining how water travels within pipes and drains. On the other hand, "2D" observes water's movement on the surface, like on streets and parks. Using both together gives a comprehensive overview of a city's water flow dynamics.

Design Validation: Before implementing any infrastructure changes, InfoDrainage enables engineers to virtually "test run" their designs. Whether it's introducing new drainage systems or innovative green spaces, they can preview the potential outcomes, ensuring efficient water management.

Informed Decision-making: With the insights InfoDrainage offers, city officials and engineers can make strategic decisions about upgrading or constructing drainage facilities. By simulating different weather conditions, they can anticipate and prepare for potential challenges.

Predictive Analysis for Preparedness:
A standout feature of InfoDrainage is its ability to simulate various rainfall scenarios. By inputting data, like expected rainfall, the software can predict areas vulnerable to flooding, helping cities preemptively address potential hazards. It also contains functionality to import rainfall data from public sources for rapid model construction.

Visual Clarity for Better Understanding:
Beyond raw data, InfoDrainage offers visual interpretations of water flow. The 1D analysis provides metrics on water speed and depth in pipes, while the 2D analysis visualizes potential surface flooding. Such graphical representations facilitate better comprehension, making complex data accessible to both experts and the general public.

In essence, InfoDrainage acts as an engineering and urban planning toolkit for stormwater management, synthesizing data to guide cities towards effective and resilient management strategies.

About the Author

Randy McCollum

Civil Solutions Applications Expert<br><br>As a professionally licensed civil engineer Randy provides training, process optimization, and technical support in water resource and site designs. His involvements include a wide range of product types including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D, Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis, Raster Design, and Infraworks.

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