Import Shape Files as AutoCAD Blocks in Map 3D/Civil 3D

June 12, 2019

Craig Batchelor | Applications Expert

I recently had a client that needed to import an ESRI shape file into Autodesk Civil 3D / Autodesk Map 3D and have a unique AutoCAD Block for different species of trees for a base map.


By creating AutoCAD blocks with the same name as one of the shape file Object Data fields, it is quite simple to harness that information to display the blocks on insert with just a few easy steps.


  • Create AutoCAD blocks that match the name of the ESRI Object Data Field.


  • Create a Layer to import the Blocks onto.


  • Set the Map Coordinate System in the drawing before import.


  • Once this prep work has been done, it is time to insert the Shape file.
  • TYPE MAPIMPORT on the Command line and set Files of type to ESRI Shapefile (*.SHP), then locate the file to import.


  • Once selected,


  1. Verify coordinate system.
  2. Set the layer.
  3. Add Object Data.
  4. Select Points, then select the browse button that will appear.
  5. In the Point Mapping dialog box select Get block name from data, then select the field that matches the AutoCAD blocks.

A dialog box displaying the Import Progress will appear.


Finally, any matching block to the Object Data name will be displayed.


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