Connecting Leica Scanner to Cyclone Field 360 App - 2022

July 27, 2022 Jay Meszar

3D Laser Scanning is going through some changes with scanners getting smaller, faster, easier to use and above all, more accurate. With that said, we aren’t here to talk about scanning hardware. I am going to write about one of the tools we as users of Leica hardware often use to collect data. That tool is referred to as Leica Cyclone Field 360. Field 360 is an app that is used on a mobile device such as an iOS or Android tablet. Sorry Windows tablet users, no capability there yet but here is to hoping for that feature in the future! This app allows us to operate the scanner remotely but is so much more than that! The app displays a scaled down version of the point cloud so the mobile device can handle displaying the point cloud.

Leica’s latest version of the app has changed the workflow significantly. With this change the way we connect the scanner has been changed. Below we are going to discuss how to connect the different scanners to the mobile device/Field 360 app. Previously, we would open the settings of whatever device we were using and create a Wi-Fi connection to the scanner. Ultimately, the same workflow is happening but now it is all being done through the Field 360 app.

With the new app, getting your scanner connected is easier than ever! If you are a new user, simply go to and register for a new account. Keep in mind that you will need to create an account using an email and password that you are willing to share if there are going to be multiple users using the scanner. It should also be noted that you will need your Leica Register 360 EID in order to activate the Field 360 application. If you are not a new user and are simply looking to connect your scanner to the new app, you can follow these steps as well.

Once your Field 360 app is registered and you can log in, everything will look similar to the way it always has if you have used the software previously. The difference is we no longer have to go to the settings app in our mobile device to connect the scanner. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to select a scanner.

Once the scanner you are using is selected and you click connect, you will be asked for some login information to the scanners Wi-Fi. This information is typically found on a label under the battery door depending on the scanner you are using. It is imperative you follow the next steps exactly. You will need to put in the SSID using the prefix of the name of the scanner. Using an RTC360 as an example, the login information will look something like this (THIS IS EXAMPLE LOGIN INFORMATION ONLY. YOUR UNITS WILL BE DIFFERENT):

Username: RTC360-1234567

Password: ABcIDBN2

For the BLK360 G1 & G2

Username: BLK360-3654128


Notice the RTC360- prefix. It will not appear like this on the scanner label or in the RTC360 settings.

Graphical user interface

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