Conditional Part 3 - Cut or Fill (sequential stack)

June 22, 2023 Leo Lavayen

Conditional cut or fill subassemblies can also be stringed OR stacked one after another, up to 4 can be attached sequentially.  The Civil 3D help file might help you with more details.

When building this assembly, it will have three (3) tiers: the 1st Tier consist of four (4) conditional subassemblies are used on each side to test for Cut or Fill situations on both sides.

Then the 2nd Tier are another of four (4) link subassemblies added in

  • When in “Cut”: a sloped link (2:1 slope at 1.0 distance) will be added.
  • When in “Fill”: a flat link (0% at 3.0 distance) will be added.

The last 3rd Tier consists of four (4) conditionals and their respective designs:

  • When in “Cut” (below) surface: sidewalk only will be added.
  • When in  “Fill” (above) surface: curb and sidewalk will be added.

With a Surface Target set in the corridor, the subassemblies will have something to look for and apply the designs:

  • Left side: 1st conditional is in “Cut” creating an angled slope; 2nd conditional is in “Fill” adding in curb and sidewalk.
  • Right side: 1st conditional “Fill” creating a flat slope; 2nd conditional is in “Cut” adding sidewalk.

Perhaps not a very realistic roadway example was shown here, just sharing concepts that may help you address different designs easily.

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