Civil 3D: Surfaces using Block with Attributes

June 23, 2022 Leo Lavayen

Been looking into some Autodesk Civil 3D functionally that may go unnoticed.  Working with a client who received drawing files from a surveyor and needed to create a surface from provided data.  The command to move block objects to elevation was used.

Here is a note directly from Civil 3D Help:


As shown below, the survey point data blocks have note for elevations, but have a physical Z value of 0

To leverage the provided data, the MOVEBLOCKSTOATTRIBELEV command was used to ultimately create a surface model.  The command can be found from the Surface contextual tab > Surface Tools palette  or from the Modify tab > Ground Data panel > Surface button > Surface contextual tab >

The command opens a dialog box where you can select the Block name and the embedded Attribute to use.