Civil 3D – Issue:  Alignment Overlap

May 27, 2020 Leo Lavayen


In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at an odd Alignment length and stationing issue within Autodesk Civil 3D which is made obvious when viewed in profile view.  Below is a simple recreation of the issue.  

Notice the Alignment stops at the Road Centerline to the West, yet a crown is plotted. 


In this example, there is an overlap due to a duplication of linework for the initial ~50’ of a tangent section.  When geometry labels and extra grid lines are enabled, the issue starts revealing itself. 


The Alignment geometry must be edited and the duplicated segments needs to be removed.


Once that duplicate linework is removed the profile matches the design to centerline only showing half of the crown.


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When placing an Alignment in a Site they may end up creating more problems than anything.


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