Civil 3D: Going with the Flow (Pipe Slopes vs Invert Values)

February 27, 2023 Leo Lavayen

Below is a Pipe Network Layout shown in profile.  The focus is the 18” DIP pipe, with the orange arrow showing the flow down Right to Left and structures annotations showing appropriate values.
•    MH 3: 18” DIP shows Invert out 648.00
•    JB 1: 18” DIP Invert In 646.00

Adjusting the Pipe where it looks like the slope visually changes, is just NOT Enough.  The orange arrow showing slope up Right to Left, and the inverts at the structures are not quite working as expected.

To correct this, edit the Pipe Properties “Pipe Flow Direction Method” to change the flow direction.  I tend to favor the “By Slope” option.
Now the 18” DIP pipe annotation behaves as expected.  The orange slope arrow now shows flow Left to Right and structures values are also updated.
•    JB 1: now shows 2 “OUT” values
•    MH 3: now shows 2 “IN” values

Pipe Networks default to gravity flow, showing design by direction of layout and typically from a high point to a low point.  Grip Edits or Tabular edits to Inverts afterwards may not always show labels as expected causing an additional edit to pipe property slope direction values.

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