Civil 3D and the Cloud: How Autodesk BIM Collaborate Turbocharges Project Productivity

Civil 3D and the Cloud: How Autodesk BIM Collaborate Turbocharges Project Productivity
Using the cloud for civil infrastructure design projects has a massive, positive effect on organizations, from increased productivity to better collaboration, higher quality deliverables, reduced technology costs, and lower stress levels. This blog post explores how Civil 3D teams can benefit from Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, a cloud-based solution which is part of the broader Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

Technology, Team, and Talent Trends are Pushing Organizations to the Cloud

1)    Historically, civil engineering firms have used on-premise software solutions for their design work. Unfortunately, this approach often results in an unwieldy tech stack consisting of hundreds of applications with different licensing models, hardware requirements, and integration challenges. Cloud solutions like Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro streamline and minimize the tech stack by creating a common data environment. All project data is maintained in a single location and team members can access it from anywhere. 

2)    Another factor driving teams to consider cloud solutions is the growing need for collaboration. Today’s civil infrastructure design projects require more collaboration than ever before. Multiple subcontractors may be involved in a single design, and all need timely access to information. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, BIM Collaborate Pro and Autodesk Construction Cloud enable teams to manage the complete lifecycle of projects from construction all the way through to ongoing operations and management. 

3)    A third trend motivating organizations to consider cloud solutions is the current talent management environment. In many markets, it’s harder than ever to find and retain employees. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are demanding either remote or hybrid work arrangements. BIM Collaborate Pro is designed to support these types of flexible work environments. 

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Revolutionizes Performance Without Changing Workflows
As firms navigate and optimize the multifaceted landscape of civil infrastructure design, Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro can play a pivotal role. BIM Collaborate Pro’s cloud-based approach to design collaboration and design management enables teams to centralize project data and co-author in Civil 3D, as well as in other applications like Revit and Plant 3D. 

The business benefits of BIM Collaborate Pro include:

•    Democratized project access. Teams can access data anywhere through the cloud using mobile devices. 

•    Improved project visibility. Team members see the full picture on their tablets, smartphones, or computers. There’s no need to install Civil 3D or AutoCAD applications on devices. 

•    Greater efficiency. BIM Collaborate Pro introduces no significant changes to Civil 3D workflows, so teams can continue to work on complex projects without the need for extensive training. 

•    Secure collaboration. Autodesk’s robust approach to security means that project data is secure, no matter where teams are accessing it from. 

BIM Collaborate Pro offers powerful collaboration functionality. All users have access to a common, cloud-based data environment which provides a “single source of truth” for projects. However, permissions and access control rights can be configured to create “swim lanes” that ensure that the right people have access to the right data all the time, no matter where they are located. For example, it’s possible to create different access privileges for users based on their roles, disciplines, or companies. 

With BIM Collaborate Pro, users can co-author Civil 3D files using features like Sheet Set Manager which supports familiar Civil 3D data shortcuts in the cloud. Whether team members are in the field, in the office, or working from home, they can participate in model coordination and perform critical analyses, such as clash detection. Managers and reviewers can go to the cloud, access Civil 3D models, and perform markups without any extra licenses or tools. 

Autodesk Docs comes with BIM Collaborate Pro, so it’s easy to track documents and manage issues across teams. Document control functionality includes file management and automatic file locking, read-only notifications, and conflict resolution. Within Civil 3D documents, users can publish markups, assign tasks to others, and follow approval processes. 


There’s never been a better time to migrate your civil infrastructure designs to the cloud. Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro empowers BIM experts to improve the constructability of models by increasing project transparency, facilitating more efficient design collaboration, and managing project risk. Teams that have shifted to the cloud enjoy access to centralized data and the ability to collaborate securely anytime, anywhere. They have the full picture and with BIM Collaborate Pro you can too. 

To learn more about BIM Collaborate for Civil3D, check out this on-demand webinar


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