Automatically Assign Folder Security to New Standard Project in Autodesk Vault

December 11, 2019 Richard Morrow

One of the challenges in Autodesk Vault Professional when creating a new project is setting up the folder security for the new project. There is an easy way to automate this process when you have a standard folder project structure.  This blog will walk you through that process.

To automate the process, we will be using Vault: Lifecycles, Categories, States and Rules in combination with each other.

The first thing to create is the Category. In the this blog we will walk through setting up one of the Folders for security “ROADWAY”, you can use this process for as many folders as you need to automate security for then use a rule to automate the placement of the folder.


Now create the matching Vault Lifecycle that will tie to the Category “ROADWAY” which was just created.  The Lifecycle states will be created on the ROADWAY Lifecycle, name it “ROADWAY SECURITY”. This is where part of the magic takes place. On the Security tab, set the Groups to have access to the folder so they can “Read, Modify, Delete” within the folder.  In this case I set the ROADWAY and ADMIN groups to have full rights to the folder while adding the group Everyone and giving them Read access only.


Now finish the Category we started “ROADWAY” and tie in the Lifecycle to the Category. At the bottom of the category there is a Lifecycles tab. Use the edit button and select the ROADWAY lifecycle. Now they are both tied together and ready for the rules.


Under the behavior tab select the rules to assign.  Create a rule named “ROADWAY” and for the rule, set the property to Name and condition value equal to Roadway. Next add it to the rule criteria. This will need to be done for each folder in the project where security is needed.


To apply the rule, drag-and-drop in the project folder structure into Vault. Once you have built all the rules you can then apply them at one time to the new project folder structure.


Now the folder structure has been added to the new project automatically using the rules. As you can see below the Category, Lifecycle, State and Rules working together automated the security onto the folder.

This will allow you to build a project in Vault and setup the security in a matter of minutes.


Using this process will save you time by adding the folder security model Automatically by folder Categories using rules. This saves you from having to go to each folder and define security for each folder. This also helps to prevent errors from being made while applying folder security, thus allowing you to apply the security in minutes on a new project.

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Richard Morrow

Civil Solutions Application Expert<br><br>Richard is responsible for Training and Services around Infrastructure. He has extensive experience in numerous Autodesk products, including Vault, Civil 3D, InfraWorks and BIM360. He joined IMAGINiT when it acquired Advanced Solutions. His past work experience includes working at Autodesk as a Technical Account Manager.

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