A Nice Find in the Civil 3D Pressure Pipe Network

March 1, 2022 Brian Johnson

Have you ever been walking around and completely out of the blue looked down to find something of value? It is your lucky day, pick it up, toss it in your pocket and keep walking with an extra skip in your step. This happened to me recently except it was not on a walk, it was while developing a Civil 3D 2022 template.

While building the pressure pipe parts list and taking advantage of being able to load more than one catalog to it, I found new properties available for pressure pipes that were previously only available from within the PushOn catalog. I had loaded the HDPE catalog and started to add pipe sizes when they just appeared; Cut Length and Minimum Flex Radius. I had to do a double take. Did I pull this from the PushOn catalog by mistake? Verified that indeed the pipe sizes were coming from the HDPE catalog. After checking each of the Autodesk provided catalogs, both of the properties are now available for each. The data fields for both properties have always been a part of each catalog and a quick review by using the Content Catalog Editor will reveal those fields exist, however, they have not been exposed in the parts list until now.

The Civil 3D 2022.1 update is required to make the property cells available in the parts list. The values can be input when adding a pipe size or by editing an existing pipe size.

It is a nice surprise to find unexpected items of value when you least expect it. Try it out, give us your thoughts.

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