Modelspace Annotations vs Paperspace

Are you not sure whether you should be putting annotations in Modelspace or Paperspace? Don’t stress! Most people are probably asking the same question. Honestly, either is great but I think it depends on the project/ job. This blog will go over the pros and cons of both Modelspace and Paperspace annotations.

•    The annotations are in the same space as the objects in the project
•    The layers can be frozen/ turned off for plotting
•    Viewports can be moved without disassociating the dimensions/ annotations
•    Dimensions will update if things are moved
•    Multiple dimensions styles can be used for different viewport scales
•    Great for 2D drawings

•    The annotations can accidently get deleted or moved
•    Snapping a dimension to the wrong point
•    Not good with 3D drawings

•    The model space drawing isn’t cluttered with annotations/ dimensions
•    Don’t have to set layers to be frozen/ off in viewport to show certain annotations
•    Multiple viewports with different scales are easy to manage
•    Great with 2D & 3D drawings

•    Having to check/ fix dimensions if things in model space move
•    Moving the viewport becomes a longer task with risk of disassociating dimensions/ annotations

•    Easy to set up
•    Works for multiple dimstyles
•    Works for multiple scales and layouts
•    Time saving
•    Ensures consistency throughout the files/ drawings

•    There is a learning curve but once it’s learned it’s a huge time saver. 
Here is some additional information regarding Autodesk annotations.

Modelspace & Paperspace


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