Freezing Layers in Specific Viewports with AutoCAD-Based Programs

Kevin Breslin

James Branagan | Applications Expert

Recently, a customer asked the following question:

How can I hide objects (on the same layers as those that I don't want to hide) in different viewports?

There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this in AutoCAD-based programs depending on how you want any new Paper Space viewports to be treated.

1. on

The above drawing shows the Paper Space with two similar viewports. Both viewports have the hidden lines shown.

The first option is to use the LAYFRZ command. To do this:

  1. Double click on the viewport you want freeze the layer in
  2. Type in LAYFRZ
  3. Choose an object on the layer to be frozen

2. off

This will freeze the selected layer. In the example above the hidden lines have been frozen. If LAYFRZ isn’t working how you expect it to and is turning off the layer in all viewports double check the setting. Type in LAYFRZ > Settings > Viewports and ensure VPfreeze is selected. VP freeze will freeze layers in selected viewports, Freeze will freeze layers in all the viewports.

The second way to accomplish this is to use your layer manager. As before, make sure the viewport that has the object to be frozen in is active by double clicking in it.

  1. Open the layer manager by typing in LAYER or selecting Layer Properties on the Home tab, Layers panel.
  2. Find the layer to be frozen and turn on/off the VP Freeze.

3. layers

The last option to mention is New VP Freeze, which you can see is one of the columns to the right in the above image. New VP Freeze will freeze the chosen layer in any new viewports that are created after the layer is chosen to be frozen.


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