How to determine if Twinmotion is activated and how to activate Twinmotion if it is not already activated

September 25, 2020 Heath White


You have paid for your Twinmotion subscription and you are not sure how to tell if your software is activated. Or you need to know how to activate your software for the first time.

There are no, readily available, clear instructions indicating the proper process to activate Twinmotion.

NOTE: If you do not already have the Epic Games Launcher, you will need to download the launcher before proceeding.

Please see the following link for instructions on obtaining the Epic Games Launcher:

Please see the following images and steps to resolve this issue:

If you are running a trial version, you will see the following –




To activate your software, please perform the following steps –

1. Go to the Twinmotion tab in your Epic Games Launcher
2. In the lower left corner, Left Mouse Click on your username and Choose “Redeem Code” from the pop-up



3. Then in the web browser window, input your Product Code in the field and hit the “Redeem” button


4. Now, go back to the Epic Games Launcher and on the Twinmotion tab, hit the drop-down and choose which version of Twinmotion you would like to install


5. Where the “Launch” button is in the images above, there will be an “Install” button. Select the “Install” button to install your chosen version of Twinmotion

6. Once your preferred version of Twinmotion is installed, follow the steps shown below to finalize the activation of Twinmotion


For additional information, please see the following article:


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