Utilities for Revit 2022 How to use the Renumber From Corresponding Rooms on Another Level


You want to know how to use the “Renumber From Corresponding Rooms On Another Level” tool within the Utilities for Revit 2022 addin.


In this guide we’ll be using a sample file that is installed with Revit.

In Revit open the “Tehcnical_school-current_m.rvt” file from the C: \Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2022\Samples folder:

In Project Browser Double click the “02-Floor” Floor Plan.

Zoom into the bottom left corner so you can see the Women 211 and Men 210 section.

Select the IMAGINiT tab and the Renumber dropdown and select Room Renumber

Select “Renumber From Corresponding Rooms On Another Level” and click Next.

Select “01-Entry Level” for Ref Level: and fill in both Prefix boxes as shown below then click “Propose Renumbering”.

Check the two boxes for 210 & 211 and click “Renumber”

Click Ok on the “29 room(s) were renumbered.” Dialog.

Click Ok again if you get this dialog.


Notice: the Women and Men room numbers changed.





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