Revit 2022.1 Update Feature: Snap between two points

In the Revit 2022.1 update, a new hidden gem was added for users. This gem was the ability to snap to the midpoint between two points. Not just end points or other midpoints, but two points, period. No more using drafting lines to find the midpoint in a room or some other workaround to maybe bisect a space or other element! Now we can get absolutely accurate locations with minimum picks and clicks!


Step 1. Determine what you are trying to accomplish. Me? I want to create a wall between two others. If so, start your wall command.


Step 2. Right click and choose Snap Overrides and then choose Snap mid between 2 points


Step 3. Sketch the line representing both points. The line will show as a pastel green with a midpoint symbol on it.


Step 4. Once both points have been selected, the geometry (in this case the wall) will be drawn at exactly where that triangle was showing.

And that’s it! Nothing else to it! Now if only I can remember why I wanted a wall there to begin with…



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