Revit: Cloud Workshared Model Displays as V1 on ACC/BIM 360

Revit version(s):  Revit 2018.3 and higher*

Issue:   After following the correct steps to upload a Revit cloud workshared model to ACC/BIM 360 (Collaborate > In the cloud), the version shown for the model is V1.

When first published to ACC/BIM 360, cloud workshared models should appear as V2 as shown in the example below.

Besides displaying the wrong version, the following symptoms may also be seen:

  • You cannot view the model/views from a web browser.
  • You cannot open or link the model into another cloud model.
  • Attempting to download the model from a web browser fails with an error.

Cause:  The model failed to fully process or publish to Autodesk Docs (or BIM 360 Document Management)

Solution:  To resolve the issue, try one of the following until the cloud workshared model fully processes and functions as expected:

  • Re-trigger the publishing action by selecting Publish Latest.
  • If there are no changes available to publish, make a minor change in the model, sync to central, and then publish the latest.
  • If these steps do not resolve the issue, rename or delete the model from ACC from a web browser, attempt to collaborate the model to ACC, and verify that it finishes processing and displays as V2.

*Note:   As of 3/18/2024, Revit 2018.3, 2019, and 2020 are no longer supported by Autodesk.  The information contained in this post may no longer be relevant and/or the necessary updates to the product may be inaccessible. 

About the Author

Jeremy Smith

Sr. Technical Support Specialist, AEC<br><br>Jeremy has been delivering service and technical support to customers in the AEC industry for over 25 years. He gained much of his AutoCAD/Revit experience serving as CAD Manager at multiple MEP/FP engineering firms in the Greater Boston Area. He then worked at Autodesk as a Technical Support Specialist, eventually becoming a manager overseeing the Revit and Vault support teams. Jeremy is excited to be in his current role as Sr. Technical Support Specialist at IMAGINiT, as it allows him the opportunity to work directly with customers every day and help them successfully leverage Autodesk’s solutions to achieve their business goals.

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