Local Models Not Shown on Home Page


Users working in Revit 2019.1 and up (2019.2, 2020, 2021, etc.) report that they do not see their local models listed on the home page under “Recent Files”. Instead, they only see the corresponding central model and are prompted to create a new local model anytime they select the central model.



This behavior is functioning as designed.

Beginning with the 2019.1 update, users are seeing a newly designed home page that produces a more consistent workflow when collaborating on a workshared project, whether the project is on BIM 360 or the user’s local network. In both cases, a new local model is created each time the central model is selected, so that users do not inadvertently modify the central model.

This designed workflow on the Revit home page is in line with the best practice of creating a new local model when returning to work on a workshared project. Doing so will minimize the issues that occur when a local model and central model become out of sync, leading to data loss.

Additional references:

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Autodesk KB Article - Unexpected Generation of Local Models

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