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Have you been working in Fabrication CADmep but are thinking of moving to Revit? Are the generic fittings holding you back? There is a Fabrication to Revit add-in that will allow you to take the Fabrication CADmep database and pull it across to Revit. 

For this process to work Fabrication and Revit need to be the same version and will need to be installed on your machine. Fabrication will need to be configured with the correct database. The add-in can be found in the manage.autodesk.com account. Select the version of Revit and click on the “View Details” button, change from updates to Extensions and scroll down: (2023 is the example)

The add-in is called Revit Extension for MEP Fabrication: (2023 is the example)

This will need to be installed for all versions. 
The next steps are to path the database in the “Edit Configuration” settings. 
**Note: This step is for computers that did not have Fabrication already installed and configured. **

1.    Click on the Windows Icon on task bar: 

2.    Scroll down to the Fabrication CADmep 20xx folder and click arrow to open. Click on “Edit Configuration.”

3.    The OOTB (Out of the Box) database configuration will be shown if it has been installed:

4. If the Imperial Content is not shown, install from here:
2024: is located in the manage.autodesk.com account. Scroll down to Fabrication CADmep, set to 2024, click “view details” and then select the libraries tab.

Select Autodesk Fabrication MEP Imperial content and click download. 

In Revit:
To load the Fabrication Database, go to the “Systems” tab in Revit and click on the Fabrication Part button:

MEP Fabrication Parts toolbar will pop up on the right side of the program. Click on “Settings” to path the correct database. 

This opens the Fabrication Settings dialog box. You will need to pick the Fabrication configuration, set to the Imperial database. Then you will need to select the services that are necessary for the duration of the project. 
**Note: I would select as many as you think are necessary, I have seen issues trying to load more services after the project has started. **

To move the services needed over click the green arrow to move it to the loaded services side. Once all services have been moved to the “Loaded Services” side click ok. 

The services selected will load in the MEP Fabrication Parts toolbox. The services can be changed by clicking the Service dropdown. 

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