Changing a Non-Fabrication Part into a Fabrication ITM using Convert3dmodel


Sometimes in the Fabrication/ Construction world there are parts that are needed but are not in the Fabrication database or library. Using the “convert3dmodel” command you can add any part to the database and a block that will allow the attacher to snap to it.


Limited items in Fabrication database.


In the folder where your database is located, there will be a “Blocks” folder. Go into the “Annotation blocks” folder and open the ADSK Annotation Blocks.dwg file.

Look for the ConnDef block that is in the Convert 3D Model box. Copy the block to the part that the attacher will connect to.

The block is a 3D item that will create the connection point for the attacher to connect to. If you have more than one connection, copy the block to each connection point. The blue arrow needs to point in the direction the pipe or duct will flow or travel. See example pump below:

Edit the attributes based on the block, the depth of the item, the width of the item and the type of item that will be attached to it (rectangular, round or oval). Once everything is set you use the command “CONVERT3DMODEL” and save the item.

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