Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling vs Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users Courses

IMAGINiT offers two core Inventor courses:  Introduction to Solid Modeling and Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users.  If you have looked at the course catalog online, or read the descriptions below, the question becomes, “Which course should I enroll in?”

The choice should be based on your understanding of the course offerings, key differences, the prerequisites, and the requirements. So, let’s continue reading to get the answer to that infamous question and get you enrolled today.

Course Content 

Both courses fundamentally cover the same content.  The courses start out with an introduction to the Inventor software, including an overview of the interface and available file types, and progress into how to develop a part model using sketching and basic feature creation tools.  Once the fundamentals are established, the skill building continues with topics such as creating equations to build intelligence into the model, manipulating the display of the part model, resolving sketch and feature failures, and duplicating geometry.  After part models are created, they are placed in assembly models; therefore, assembly creation and basic assembly is covered.  The courses end with drawing production.

Access full course overviews, topic lists, and Sneak Peek videos:

Introduction to Solid Modeling

Introduction to Solid Modeling is a (5) day course. The five days allows for ample time to thoroughly discuss each topic. As an introductory course, Introduction to Solid Modeling does not assume prior knowledge of any 3D modeling or CAD software. You need to be experienced with the Windows operating system, and having a background in drafting of 3D parts is recommended. Users with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® Mechanical experience and very minimal 3D design knowledge are highly encouraged to take the this training course.

Introduction to Experienced 3D CAD Users

Introduction to Experienced 3D CAD Users is a (3) day course.  This is a fast paced course.  Prior knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D CAD software (e.g., CATIA™, Pro/ENGINEER®, Creo Parametric™, NX™, SolidWorks®, etc.) is required for this accelerated course.   It is designed so that users who have prior 3D modeling design experience, but are new to Inventor, can benefit from a shorter, introductory-level, accelerated course.  Users transitioning from 2D software packages (e.g., AutoCAD®, MicroStation, etc.)  to Inventor should enroll in the Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling course. 

Got it?  Not so fast! Even if you have 3D CAD experience, the course might not be a proper fit.  Keep reading to gain an understanding of which course is the right choice for you.

Course Comparison

Introduction to Solid Modeling dives deeper into the fundamentals of 3D modeling and design than Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users.  The course goes into detail on the foundations of proper sketching techniques, what sketch constraints are (Dust off your Geometry thinking cap!), how to develop stable assembly models, and much more.  Even if you have some 3D CAD experience, you will benefit from this course if you are new to the manufacturing industry or engineering. 

Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users focuses more on the button-clicking and ability of the software; basically the where and how.  This course is not designed for pauses in instruction to explain the fundamentals of 3D modeling and design concepts. 

Use this comprehensive diagram to assist you in your selection:


Although these are introductory courses, a substantial amount of content is covered.  It is important to know that regardless of which course you choose, the goal is to be “introduced” to the concepts and not to leave the class with the anticipation of mastery.  If you have more questions regarding the course that you feel you should enroll in, reach out to IMAGINiT.

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