IMAGINiT Utilities licensing error -6

June 22, 2023 Jeff Lotan


After installing the IMAGINiT Utilities you receive an error similar to this:

A Licensing issue was detected.
License Error Code: -6
'WRONG VERSION' error: While you have a license for IMAGINiTC3DUtilities, it is not for version 2022.


The -6 wrong version is typically that the license is for a different version of the utilities than the license.

Example: You have installed the 2019 version of our utilities in the past and you are trying to activate using the authcode for 2022.  It can also happen if you have activated the 2019 version and then install a newer version (2022) over the top and continue to use the old 2019 license.


If you've recently installed a newer version without obtaining a new authcode, then please visit to generate the authcode. You will receive an email with the authorization code and a link to download.

The email that was received that had the Authcode also have a .zip to download. Use the same download to install as the Authcode used to generate the license.

Exit all versions of the Autodesk programs before installing the newer build/version over the top of the old build (inplace upgrade).

Note: the in-place upgrade works most of the time. However, sometimes we have to uninstall it, then install the newer build/version.

Best practices for installing the IMAGINiT Utilities:

  1. Using the link above generate the new Authorization code (authcode).
  2. Exit all Autodesk software.
  3. Uninstall the older version.
  4. Install and activate the new version.

This applies to our Utilities for Revit, Utilities for Civil 3D and Utilities for Vault Client.

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