IMAGINiT Utilities – How to point a network install to the license server

September 28, 2020 Ken Williams


You install IMAGINiT Utilities on users’ machines and you want to make it a Network and point to the license server easily without opening the program.

1. Create a file called IMAGINiTLicense.txt
2. Open IMAGINiTLicense.txt file in Notepad and edit to contain one line.
3. Inside the IMAGINiTLicense.txt file it should say 27051@MyServer
Note:  MyServer in line 3 is the name of your IMAGINiT Utilities reprise license server, so please use the actual name of your server.
5. Copy the IMAGINiTLicense.txt file to C:\ProgramData\IMAGINiTTechnologies on as many machines as needed.
Note:  there is no space in IMAGINiTTechnologies.
6. Now when the IMAGINiT Utilities are open for the first time, it should be set to network and be pointing to the license server.


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