Vault Thin Client – "Your Connection To This Site Is Not Secure" Message

When accessing the Vault Thin Client, you’ve recently begun to receive a message in your browser similar to the one below (message may vary by browser). It also possible to see a similar pop-up when attempting to download files via the Thin Client.

This is cause by recent updates to common web browsers. Typically, this is not a serious security concern since the only data exchanged are your Vault credentials and the data is only transferred within your secure network, because Thin Client is only available accessible within your network. However, if your server is exposed to the internet and can be accessed outside of your network, then you may want to explore additional security measures. 
You can see additional details in the AKN article below:  

In some instances, using a different web browser will help avoid the insecure site notification.

You may also be able to change some settings within the web browser to allow insecure content for this specific site. The images below are from Chrome Settings: Settings> Site Settings> Insecure Content> Allow, to show insecure content.



The Thin Client URL will still show as “not secure,” but the downloads should no longer have the insecure notification.

Alternatively, your IT can enable SSL to make the viewer "secure" to change the site address from “http://” to “https://”. Please note that misconfiguration of SSL could lead to all users being locked out of Vault until the configuration is corrected or restored to defaults.

For details on setting up SSL please see the following:
For 2022.1 and later - 

For 2022 and earlier - 

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