AutoCAD: Certain Hatches do not Plot, Preview, Display properly


When Plotting files in AutoCAD. Some Hatches do not Plot and/or Preview, Display.


This can happen for a number of reasons

  • Hatch detail
  • Fillmode
  • Hatch Scale
  • File Corruption
  • Viewport Corruption


Hatch Detail being too low or too high can cause this issue.

  • On the command line type HPMAXLINES and select the <Enter> Key on your Keyboard.
  • Type 1000000 (Increasing Detail) or Higher or 100000 (Lowering Detail) or lower and Select the <Enter> Key on your Keyboard..


Makle Sure FILLMODE is on

  • Type FILLMODE and select the <Enter> Key on your Keyboard.
  • Type 1 (1 = on 0 = off) and select the <Enter> key on your Keyboard.


Hatch Pattern is too Dense

  • Type HPSCALE and select the <Enter> Key on your keyboard.
  • Type (1 is the Initial  value) a larger value for a larger scale lower value for a lower scale and select the <Enter> Key on your Keyboard. (This value will need to be tested depending on the scale and size of the file).
  • Then Place new Hatch.


For existing Hatch

  • Open the Properties Palette.
  • Select the Hatch you wish to edit.
  • In the Properties Palette edit the scale.


Corrupted hatch

  • Recreate the Hatch Patterns
  • Audit the file

Type Audit and select the <Enter> Key on the Keyboard.

Type Y (for yes) and select the <Enter> Key on your Keyboard.

Test your Plotting.


Write Block the File

  • Type Wblock and select the <Enter> Key on the Keyboard.
  • Use the Drawing Object Option, Use the Select Objects Button and Select all of the Objects in the file in Model Space, Enter the Name and Path for the Block and select OK.
  • Test the new file created by the Write Block Command.


Corrupted Viewport

  • Recreate the corrupted Viewport(s).

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