How to Fix Corrupted Pressure Fittings

You have a drawing that may have crashed, had a bad save, corrupted or after opening, all of the pressure fittings in a pressure network are missing:

This issue is caused by corrupted pressure solids in the drawing and need to be fixed.

If you have Civil 3D 2022 (fully patched) or Civil 3D 2023, there is a new command to help fix that issue, otherwise you must re-create the network and the drawing to correct the issue.

1.    In Civil 3D 2022 or 2023, make sure the drawing is not open.  Then start by opening the drawing with the RECOVER command.  This is to clear the corrupted solids first. This step cannot be bypassed, as we have to clear the corrupted solids before we can rebuild them and a simple Audit while the drawing is open will not fix that.

2.    Once the drawing is open, navigate to an area that is missing a fitting, but you can see the connected pipes.

3.    Type in REGENPRESSURESOLID and hit enter, you will be prompted to select a pressure network:

4.    Select one of the pipes in the network:

5.    You should see this screen come up (as it regenerates all the pressure solids in your drawing based on the Pressure Parts Catalog used in the selected network:

6.    When the command completes, the pressure solids should be rebuilt and the missing fittings should reappear in the drawing:

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