Civil 3D Fittings Plot in Color When Using STB

Applies to:
Civil 3D 2019 and newer, also will occur with AutoCAD based products with the Civil 3D Object Enabler

When plotting Pressure Networks in a STB (Style based) drawing, the fittings come out in color or do not honor the STB set for that layer.

This is a known issue and Autodesk is aware of the issue and is logged as CIVIL-44355 with the Autodesk Development Team.
The Fittings 3D Geometry and Block that is part of the catalog tend to be modeled as By Block as opposed to By Layer, which is later inherited in the drawing when modelling the network.

Set the plot style in layer "0" to the desired plot style and set that current or set the fitting layer as the current layer before plotting or publishing.

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