Twinmotion 2023.2.2 - Is it really just a minor update? What's New!

February 6, 2024 Kenniston Crane

Twinmotion 2023.2.2 is out now and with it comes new enhancements that you might want to be aware of. Some enhance our quality of life; some enhance the scenes themselves!

Enhanced material loading

 A bug has been fixed that was related to material loading. As a consequence, files containing a significant amount of instanced geometries will load faster. Also painted and scattered vegetation no longer need to generate their physical meshes. This too leads to significant decreases in loading time  and  memory requirements for files containing large amounts of painted and / or scattered vegetation. Landscape architects, that one is for you!

Home Panel - Access to Plugins

You can now access information about the various plugins for Twinmotion directly from the Home panel in the Plugins tab. **Special note for Revit users – You’ll notice that the note on this screen indicates  you do not need a plugin at all if you are  using  Revit 2024!**

Chromatic Aberration

A new Chromatic aberration slider is available in the Ambience panel (under Camera > Camera settings) for improved visual customization. Chromatic aberration is an effect that simulates the red/ blue color shifts in real-world camera lenses.

Materials Dock - Filter System

They  have added a new filter system for sorting the Materials dock based on material types. You can access the filters by clicking the Filters icon above the Materials dock.

Materials Dock - Remove All Unused Materials

There is a  new Clean up tool in the Materials dock to easily remove all unused materials in a scene in one click. Think of it as Twinmotion's version of a Purge tool! A very, very handy file size management tool if you ask me!

Wetness Effect Enhancement

You can now adjust the wetness effect of rain on surfaces with four new parameters, available in the Ambience panel under Weather > Surface effects. With these new settings, you can flood the entire ground surface! “Clean up on aisle 3!!”

Parallax on Decals

A new Parallax setting has been added for decals. When enabled, the impression of depth is improved. A height map can be added and the intensity and reference plane can be adjusted. Available under Normal > Details in the Properties panel.


And last but not least…

Adobe Substance 3D Materials - Automatically Generate Random Seed Values

For those that use Substance materials, they have added a Randomize icon that automatically generates random seed values for Adobe Substance 3D materials. Available in the Properties panel next to the Random seed field.

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