Now Available at IMAGINiT, Twinmotion Real-Time Visualization

May 14, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

Twinmotion, from Epic Games and powered by Unreal Engine, is now available at IMAGINiT Technologies!  

Bring Your Designs to Life

Twinmotion brings a whole new level of visualization to AEC projects allowing users to create an immersive experience for project reviews, stakeholder approvals, and to boost the perception of innovation and quality for their firm.

Twinmotion's intuitive drag and drop options like single and multi-drop, make covering terrain and applying other materials quick and easy. The dock includes
text and visual aids to help users make fast changes on the fly. Twinmotion offers the ability to create stunning scenes in just a few clicks with direct integrations with popular 3D software, including Revit.

Quixel recently joined Epic Games, adding a massive library of thousands of photorealistic objects, including trees with the ability to age and interact with the weather, moving characters, furniture, terrain objects, and much more. 

Twinmotion2020_PR06 Twinmotion2020_PR05

You can visualize how your project appears today, or in 20 years, with organically growing trees evolving from saplings to mature towering adults. See how the sun affects shadows and light when it rises and sets. Play the role of Mother Nature as you control the weather in your project. Make it a beautiful sunny day, or unleash a storm to create puddles and change the appearance of interactive material like asphalt. A simple adjustment of the date turns the rain to snow softly falling from the sky, just as it would in the real world.  

One-click virtual reality with the realism offered by Twinmotion allows an experience you'll never forget, and neither will your clients! 







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