Introduction to Twinmotion Webinar Q&A

June 8, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

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1. When getting materials from Quixel, where are each of the files you download to be linked in Twinmotion?
A. To learn how to work with assets from providers such as Quixel, AXYZ, Turbosquid, and Xfrog, users can watch Epic’s webinar on importing and working with external assets in Twinmotion.
2. I assume interiors are also possible, and what kind of assets are available?
A. There are a bunch of interior assets and props out of the box. Furniture, plants, books, screens, etc.
3. I found materials out of Enscape, and Revit doesn't translate very well. Has that been improved, or is there a secret to converting these items?
A. Not currently, but you can check out the Twinmotion Roadmap and make a suggestion if you wish.
4. Can you change materials of objects? Is it from Megascan library?
A. You can change materials of any objects inside Twinmotion at the exception of Twinmotion native characters, vegetation, and vehicles. You can build new materials using the Megascans in Twinmotion
5. Do these assets like the trees come with the software, or are they an extra purchase?
A. They come with the software.
6. Are there library parts for construction, and can we tie it to a P6 construction schedule?
A. Yes, there are some objects dedicated to construction in Twinmotion native library, you can find these here: Object > City > Construction. There are also some construction vehicles available in the vehicle folder. There is a phasing tool available in Twinmotion at the moment, and we are currently developing a tool to visualize these phases in a construction schedule, view the Twinmmotion Roadmap.
7. Are there any built-in textures for industrial facilities? Such as gravel for graded areas, cladding for pipes/vessels, rusty metals, painted metals, etc.
A. There are many, but you can create new materials in Twinmotion also
8. Applying the material is based on layers of the model object?
A. It depends on the way you imported your model. By default, we collapse by materials to gain performances, but you can also choose to keep the hierarchy of your model and apply materials individually to each object of your scene.
9. Can you change surfaces of the Revit model, or is this directly related to the exported FBX file that is exported from Revit?
A. The surfaces can be changed in Twinmotion, but the changes do not push back to Revit

10. What are the VR capabilities of Twinmotion? Does it have 360-degree video rendering?
A. In VR, you can navigate in your scene, swap materials, change the time of day, the weather, and the seasons. You can also switch from different camera positions that you have already created inside Twinmotion. Yes, Twinmotion can also export 360 videos.
11. Can I render a camera view?
A. Technically, there are no cameras. You can render any view.
12. Can I import cameras from Revit?
A. No, you need to place a new view inside Twinmotion
13. Can I render a single high-quality image?
A. Yes up to 8k resolution if you have the recommended configuration
14. How long does it take to make a video, if let's say the model he showed, 3 minutes long, for example?
A. It depends on your output settings, but it is VERY fast!

15. You haven’t shown the phasing features of Twinmotion
A. You can learn how to create a Construction Animation in Twinmotion’s 6 Steps to Create a Construction Animation in Twinmotion
See more in question 6

Assets can be imported from almost every 3D modeling solution into Twinmotion. The tool supports 21 file formats, including FBX, C4D, OBJ, and SKP. Twinmotion also offers direct one-click synchronization with ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, RIKCAD, and now Rhino (including Grasshopper), dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to import data from these software packages.
16. Can you use non-Revit data with Twinmotion? Maybe AutoCAD based objects or from data in an NWD/F?
A. Twinmotion supports importing assets from nearly all 3D modeling solutions on the market through FBX, SKP, C4D, and OBJ formats.
17. When you drop the landscape/ parking lot, what format of files is that?
A. That is an FBX file
18. Is the 3ds max data imported or live linked?
A. No live link available with 3DS max at this stage.
The file format supported between 3Ds Max and Twinmotion is FBX.
19. Direct Link to AutoCAD 3D files?
A. No direct link for AutoCAD, but you can use one of 21 file formats to get your data into Twinmotion
20. I use 3ds Max and Vray for photorealistic renderings. How compatible are the two? Will Vray materials translate over, and can you modify geometry within Twinmotion?
A. Vray materials are not supported at the moment; you will need to convert them as standard materials in 3ds Max. You also can’t directly modify your geometry in Twinmotion; it’s only for visualization. You will need to come back to Max, modify your geometry, and update your project in Twinmotion. Everything already made in Twinmotion is retained, and will only update the modified geometry.
21. Will Twinmotion work with other products other than Revit? Say SketchUp?
A. Yes, Twinmotion already has a link with multiple CAD software like ARCHICAD, Sketchup, RIKcad, Rhino. Since Twinmotion supports plenty of file formats. You can work with Twinmotion no matter the CAD software you are using as long as your data is in 3D.
22. Is there a direct link for rhino exports?
A. Yes
23. Can you do Live Link/ Sync with Sketch Up?
A. There is a direct link with Sketchup, but it’s not a live link.
24. Is this compatible with AutoCAD Architecture?
A. There is no direct link with AutoCAD Architecture, but you could use one of the 21 file formats to import your AutoCAD Architecture model into Twinmotion.
25. Does it work with any Bentley file formats?
A. Currently, there is no direct link with Bentley Microstation, but you can use an FBX or DXF file format to import data into Twinmotion.
26. Can you import a Sketchup model?
A. Yes

27. What's the size of a presenter file like the one you've created?
A. The presenter file Daryl made was about 700 MB. He said it was very dependent on the visuals, length, etc.

28. Is the export feature in the Twinmotion plugin the same or better than a straight export from within Revit to FBX?
A. The export feature through the direct link offers a few more options than the native Revit export to FBX. For example, you can control the grouping of geometry prior to import in Twinmotion.

29. How to install the Twinmotion addon/plugins?
A. The direct link add-ins are available once you launch, or you can download them here.

30. Is there a trial and do you actively update bugs/errors submitted by users?
A. Twinmotion offers unlimited trial for non-commercial use.
A. To report an issue, go to the support site, log in and click on the 'Contact Us' button. Select the Bug Report option from the dropdown list. How to report a bug.
31. Is there an educational version?
A. Yes, you can download the educational version here.
32. Twinmotion is standalone software, right?
A. Yes, Twinmotion is a standalone perpetual license.

To learn more about lighting watch the Twinmotion 2020 Lighting Tutorial
33. Are you able to use Twinmotion in an interior of a project designed in Revit? To show lighting by changing the daylight exposure and things of that sort? Or is that something that 3DSMAX would be best for?
A. You can do a general light study
34. Are sun patterns set to specific latitudes and longitude and/or specific days of the year?
A. In Twinmotion you can precisely geolocalize your project and retrieve the correct position of the sun during a whole year allowing you to make some sun studies.
35. Would you recommend using this for sun studies?
A. Yes, the solar studies are fantastic.
36. Can HDRI files be used for exterior lighting?
A. Twinmotion doesn’t accept HDRI.

37. Compare with Lumion?
See below
38. Can you explain why an Architecture Firm should switch from using Lumion to Twinmotion?
See below
39. How different it is from Lumion?
A. If you own Lumion, you’re likely familiar with the capabilities. You can download Twinmotion free and compare what is most important to your business. The trial version is only for non-commercial use, so it limits the output resolution to 2k.
Everything is included with Twinmotion, and the MSRP is $449* through IMAGINiT or $499* through Epic Games. Currently, it is available for 50% off those prices until the end of August.

40. Is Presenter a web-based or application based?
A. The Presenter is a standalone .exe file exported on your machine.
41. Other than camera control, what else can you do in presenter mode? Can you someone interact with the space? Have notes popping up when looking at objects?
A. Here is a link that explains how the Presenter works:

42. Are those prices per month or per year?
A. Twinmotion is a perpetual license with discounted annual upgrades.
*MSRP is $449* through IMAGINiT or $499* through Epic Games. Currently, it is available for 50% off those prices until the end of August. Upgrades are approximately 80% off MSRP*.
43. Who do we contact about taking advantage of this 50% offer?
You can contact IMAGINiT by phone 800-356-9050, email, fill out the contact us form online, or use the chat on the IMAGINiT website.
44. Are there trial versions we can use to test the software with our current hardware capabilities? Yes,
45. Is there an annual set fee for upgrades after Dec 2021
A. There is no annual fee, but if you want to upgrade to a new release after December 2021, you can purchase upgrades at 80% off MSRP*
46. Regarding the pricing, is the price for ONE seat, or does this work as a floating license in an office?
A. It is a 1:1 license, standalone only
47. Free upgrades until Dec 2021, what does it look like after that? Is there maintenance? Do you buy upgrades?
A. There is no maintenance fee; if you choose to upgrade after December 2021 you can purchase them at 80% off MSRP*

48. Will Twinmotion be able to work with BIM360 files in the future?
A. Twinmotion does not currently work with BIM360, but you can view the product map here and make suggestions > Under consideration - Twinmotion Public Roadmap | Product Roadmap
49. Howdy, any plans to do AR?
A. Not planned for now, but you can view the Twinmotion Roadmap and even make a suggestion if you wish.
50. What is being focused on for the next update of the software?
A. You can check the public roadmap here In progress - Twinmotion Public Roadmap | Product Roadmap

System Requirements for Twinmotion
51. What are the recommended computer and video hardware?
A. You can view the system requirements above.
52. Does Twinmotion have to run on internet connection
A. Twinmotion is desktop software and does not require an internet connection.
53. With everyone working from home, a lot of us are looking for a real-time rendering solution that can work remotely. I have tried the competitors, and they are a no go. How well can twin motion work remotely? What is the solution here? A Lot of us are resorting back to old rendering techniques...
A. Twinmotion does not require any rendering farm or post-processing. As long as the computer you use from home meets the system requirements, you shouldn’t have any issue.
54. Controls seem laggy in presentation video as with the trial version? Is that normal?
A. This could be based on your GPU, it should run smoothly
55. What is the recommended RAM and graphics card?
A. You can find the recommended graphics card in system requirements located above.

56. Are you able to bring in accurate topography and site context from an existing site?
A. You can use the site mapping utility in Twinmotion or pull in data from another authoring program like InfraWorks.
57. Can you bring in existing land data/landscapes either from Google or drone flights?
A. There is a utility within Twinmotion that will grab site map context, like google maps. You can use scan data, but it has to be converted to a mesh before importing.
58. Will there be a plug in for google earth or similar software to accurately depict existing structures in surrounding environments?
A. It’s not planned for now
59. Is it possible to geo-locate for context, such as with google earth, which has 3d buildings already input
A. There is a utility within Twinmotion that will grab site map context, like google maps but there won’t be any texture on the buildings, it will be a white model context.

60. What's the best way to achieve the actual colors of an object in Twinmotion
A. You can input the hex or rgb values for colors in Twinmotion
61. What's the best way to move through Twinmotion using the keyboard or mouse at one elevation as it seems to slope down towards the ground always…
A. Try switching to the grounded walk navigation tool. Using the keyboard and mouse you should stay at the same elevation.
62. Where is the navigation tool found to allow someone to be grounded in when walking?
A. The eye control in the top right corner, click the eye, then pick the person with the down arrow, the shortcut is “M”
63. In Twinmotion can you change the size of the material dock, bottom dock, or layer dock as they take a lot of real estate on your monitor... or can you un-dock them to put on another screen?
A. UI is mostly static at this moment. You can't undock the palettes but can collapse the side panels. You also switch in full screen mode by clicking on F12
64. Can you add right turn bays?
A. No, vehicle paths are a feature, but you cannot define specific directions or turn-radius
65. Is there any plans to save your effects for every rendering view?
A. It’s not planned for now
66. is there a way to save template for renderings views?
A. It’s not planned for now
67. Are there specific settings to export higher resolution images that could be used in post-processing?
A. Twinmotion doesn’t require post-processing or raytracing.
68. And does Twinmotion use effects? We use Lumion but like features of Twinmotion. Lumion allows effects to improve the quality of the image and tweak the settings. Does Twinmotion allow this?
A. What type of effects?
69. Is there any additional information available during the export of high res images? Ie Wirecolor? Reflections? Etc
A. Render passes are not available in Twinmotion at the moment but it’s on the roadmap

70. I tested Twinmotion in the past and regardless of specific equipment dealt with constant crashing. Is this something that has improved in recent times?
A. Epic Games acquired Twinmotion in March 2019 and have made a lot of improvements to the 2020 release. Twinmotion is much more stable in the 2020.1 release but still always depends on your Graphic card capabilities and if it meets the recommended requirements.

*References to pricing are current as of 6/5/2020, subject to change by Twinmotion.

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