Twinmotion 2023.1 Preview 2

July 31, 2023 Ramsey Sufian

• New User Interface (UI)

Twinmotion 2023.1 Preview 2 has completely redesigned their User Interface.

Twinmotion has redesigned its user interface to improve flexibility and speed. The More buttons in the docks have been replaced by a Properties panel, which organizes all Twinmotion settings into three levels. The Header provides quick access to Architecture and Product visualization templates, as well as various tools. The new interface offers configurable panels and docks, and an interface scale option to adjust resolution. Some visual elements have been modified to match the visual style of the new interface, but the Library panel and Scene graph have not changed.

• Viewport Resolution Scaling

The new Viewport Resolution Scaling option allows you to change the resolution of your viewport.

Twinmotion has introduced a new Viewport resolution scaling option in the Preferences panel, which allows users to change the resolution of the Viewport. The options include 30%, 50%, 70%, and 100%. Lowering the resolution can improve the performance in frames per second (FPS), but it may also decrease the visual quality. The default setting is Auto, which balances quality and performance.

• New Path Tracer Features

New Path tracer features have been added.

Twinmotion's Path tracer has added new features including support for Decals, Height fog, improved atmospheric rendering, temporal video denoising (Preview), multi-GPU support (on Windows 10 version 2004 or later), and representation of transparent objects inside the depth of field in a physically correct way.

• Credit Export for Sketchfab Assets

You can now export credits for your sketchfab assets.

Twinmotion has added a new feature to export license information stored in Sketchfab assets used in a scene to comply with Creative Commons license rules. The license information is exported as a .csv file and is compatible with spreadsheets using delimiters separated by " ". This feature is available under "File > Export credits".

• Scaling at Container Level

You can scale contents of containers in the scene graph all at once.

Twinmotion now allows users to scale objects at the container level. This means that instead of scaling each individual object separately, users can select multiple objects and scale them all at once by selecting the container they are grouped in. This can save time and make it easier to adjust the scale of objects in a scene.

• High Quality Reflections on curved objects

New check box for full precision normal has been added to the import menu.

It is now possible to improve the reflection quality in your assets by enabling full precision normals and tangent vectors during the import process. This can be achieved by selecting the checkbox for Full precision normals in the Import window.

• IES Lights

New improved functionality on IES lights.

Aside from addressing previous builds, the functionality of IES lights has been enhanced. The latest updates now allow for the importation of non-symmetric IES files and the rendering of these files with greater accuracy.

• UV Mapping of Primitives

The new UV mapping of primitives has been improved.

To ensure better visual consistency, the UV mapping of Primitives in the Library has been enhanced and standardized to be identical across all Primitives.

• Industry Survey

You can now leave developers feedback on Twinmotion.

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