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As we all know, Revit is ever evolving, both in features and functionality.  Even unit formats from older versions of Revit have changed. 

Depending on how long ago you adopted Revit, your template could have originally been built when Revit was still an infant.  Maybe even before Structure and MEP were added. 

Clearing out the clutter and cobwebs from a continually upgraded template will give you a cleaner start on your new projects.

Recommended Process

The recommended process for upgrading your project template, is rebuilding it, rather than just saving it in a new version.

I can hear the groans already so I will explain why this is recommended and then move on to the process of re-creating a template.

Why Rebuild

This is Autodesk’s recommended process, but aside from that, it is also the cleanest way to upgrade to a new template.  Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity to fine tune your template!

This Process Takes Too Long

Using the process outlined in the blog, I can recreate a custom template in about 4 hours, on average.

Upgrading Risks

The down side or potential problems that may arise from upgrading, rather than recreating, is that there may be corruption and unnecessary bulk in the template that gets carried over to the new template.

Corruption can happen from views, families, imported items, etc.

Bulk often comes in the form of overly large families, Cad data that is in the file in the form of imports as drawings, line styles and imported filled regions.

Upgrading the Template

My personal preference is to start with no template and just set the units. 

The alternative, especially if you are a Structural or MEP firm, is to start with the out of the box template that most closely suits your needs.

If you started with an out of the box template, you’ll need to purge, probably selectively since there may be items you commonly use. 

Rebuilding Steps

The steps below outline the process I go through when upgrading a template.

If you need or want assistance, templates and content creation are services that we offer.

About the Author

Sherry Pittman

Sr. Technical Support Specialist, Building<br><br>Sherry is a certified Autodesk Building Solutions Technical Support Specialist at IMAGINiT. She has been a speaker at several AUGI Cad Camps and a co-speaker at Autodesk University. She is also a certified expert in Revit Architecture. She has 30 plus years of experience in the Architectural field and supports all the Autodesk Building Solutions software. She began her career with us as an Application Engineer conducting training, product demonstrations, and implementation services. She now focuses her knowledge and dedication to the National Solution Center here at IMAGINiT.

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