Revit Roadmap - see & contribute to the future Revit

Navid Hoorzad

Over the past two years, Autodesk has been consistently providing insight for planned features for Revit and adopting suggestions/recommendations.

In the last quarter of 2016 we had our first ever look at the Revit Roadmap showing upcoming changes to Architectural, MEP and Structural with updates to the Platform. Each section was divided into two blocks:


The following April 2017, Autodesk published an update to the Revit Roadmap. Again showing planned features for each discipline and the Platform, but there was something different this time. We didn't just have the two blocks Delivered and Planned; instead we had Delivered, Planned, and Accepted Ideas. 


The “Accepted Revit Idea” section became a way for Autodesk to directly incorporate requests from the Revit user community. These ideas came from all over the web, blogs, forums, YouTube and most notably the Revit Idea forum.

In the last update to the Revit Roadmap (August 2017), the community was thrilled to see that several of the accepted Revit ideas already integrated into Revit, with even more added to the list.



This tells us that Autodesk is listening to the community, and working hard to integrate features that are most impactful and relevant to us, the end users. So don’t hesitate, there's never been a better time to join the conversation on your favorite Revit Blog or Form or the Official Autodesk Revit Forum and let your voice be heard.

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