Inventor crashing in module Kernelbase.dll


Inventor is crashing in module KERNELBASE.dll with a dialog box like this:

Or Inventor is periodically locking up or crashing and faulting in module name Kernelbase.dll in the ‘Windows Error Reporting’ or ‘Windows Event Viewer Application logs’.


The Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries and Inventor installation may be corrupt. 

With Vault Client installed and running as an Add-In, the Vault installation may also be causing similar problems in Inventor.


Check the Windows System Information ‘Windows Error Reporting’ or ‘Windows Event Viewer Application logs’ section for Kernelbase.dll errors.

  • To open System Information:

In the Windows search box type in ‘System Information’.

  • OR use the Windows logo key + R on keyboard to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Type in ‘msinfo32’

  • See the Windows Error Reporting section:

  • To open Windows Event Viewer:

Windows Error Event Viewer Application Logs

Based on the presence  of Kernelbase.dll errors in the  Windows Error Reporting and Windows Event Viewer uninstall Microsoft C++ and Inventor. 

  • Remove and reinstall Microsoft C++ runtime libraries:

Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft C++ Libraries

  • Clean uninstall Inventor or all Autodesk software

Go through the 'Inventor clean uninstall' or if Vault or other applications show errors in same module uninstall them all with the 'All Autodesk products clean uninstall'

Inventor clean uninstall

All Autodesk products clean uninstall

See similar Kernelbase.dll errors in AutoCAD and Vault Client if the errors persist after reinstalling C++ and Inventor:

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