Inventor: Formatting Parameters for Custom iProperties

June 28, 2022 Hal Carruthers

We often have the need to use Inventor’s modeling parameters values as iProperty text for use as data in Parts Lists, Bill of Materials, Title Blocks, or any where else that iProperties may be needed.

Using the values as provided by default (ex 2.125 in or 9.000 in) is often acceptable. However, in many instances the format needs to maintain consistency with other values. For example, the removal the prefix “in” such that “2.125 in” reads as “2.125” or the trailing decimals for “9.000 in” reads as “9 in”.

For the first example, we will remove the trailing zeros and the “in” prefix from the text for decimal values. For the second example we will convert the decimal values to Fractions and switch the prefix from “in” to a single double quote (“) in the Description iProperty.

The Description iProperty is defined by using a formula that concatenates the custom iProperties into one string of text.  Using the function button, we can display the iProperty formula to expose the Custom iProperty parameters we need to format.

To format the parameters, launch the parameters table and then set the identified parameters to be Exported.

Hoover your mouse over the “Equation” field of one of the parameters to be exported, right mouse click and select “Custom Property Format” from the menu.

iProperty for Decimal:

After formatting the property for decimals format the iProperty formula as follows: