Inventor 2019 Hole Command Enhancements

March 21, 2019 Harpreet Waraich

In Inventor 2019, the hole command was completely overhauled to make the creation of a hole faster, smarter and more robust. The user interface for the hole command has been streamlined to reduce the number of picks and clicks, thus it speeds up the 3D modeling process.



With the new hole command interface, you no longer need to choose the type of hole, Inventor automatically changes the placement type depending on your interaction with the model.

For example, if you are trying to put a hole on a work point, like the previous Hole command, there is no drop-down menu to pick the ON POINT option, though when you select a work point, the option to pick the direction pops up automatically.



For the “On sketch” option from the previous hole command, you used to create a sketch first and then place holes on the points from the sketch. Now, Inventor creates an underline sketch for you automatically when you click on the face to place holes.


Also, you can switch between the sketch and hole feature through a simple click. Thus, the two-step process has been modified to a single click workflow.


Linear dimensioning makes creating more than one hole easy without the need to make a sketch first.

The new hole command also provides the personalized pre-sets to automate the whole process and gives you the freedom to choose how to organize and use pre-sets.


Thus, the 2019 Hole command has been streamlined to make the process faster and more robust.

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Harpreet Waraich

PLM Application Expert<br><br>Harpreet assists clients in adopting new technology with training, support, mentoring and consulting for Autodesk Manufacturing applications. She is a certified instructor for Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software and works with students at beginner and intermediate levels.

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