Place From Vault Enhancement: Ignore Obsolete Lifecycle State Files

March 29, 2019 Mark Flayler

Didn't you get the memo?  We no longer use that TPS Cover Sheet on the new outgoing reports.  I know, pop culture aside, nothing is more annoying than reusing an Obsolete part or assembly in Inventor only to find out it was not supposed to be in rotation any longer.

Starting with Vault 2019, the Place from Vault command inside Inventor has a new option to Ignore Obsolete Lifecycle files so they do not show up in the dialog box for placement.  These are Lifecycle States tagged as Obsolete in the Lifecycle Definition.


Now to just get out of the office before 5:00 on here's a video I made about 10 years ago, hopefully it brings a smile to your day.

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Engagement Engineer, Manufacturing<br><br>Mark has implemented the Autodesk manufacturing products with several industries including the blow/injection molding, automotive, and custom machinery markets. Autodesk Inventor has been a profound augmentation in his abilities allowing him to bring 3D digital prototyping to the forefront of the industries with which he has interacted. He has extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of the technical, practical business, and human dimensions of implementation. He is an effective and skillful communicator, consulting with his clients to help achieve their business objectives. Mark is an ATC certified instructor and he helps his customers maximize their project’s effectiveness through training, support, and implementation.

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