IMAGINiT Utilities License Activation Error System.Web.Services.Protocols.Soapexception

September 25, 2023 Jeff Lotan


You receive our license finder dialog with the error code: -1 indicating that the software is unable to find a license and need to activate or point the software to your network license.

You click to "Activate Standalone with Authorization Code" to try to activate and receive:
"An error was encountered:  System.Web.Services.Protocols.Soapexception: INVALID_SESSION_ID:  Invalid Session ID found in the SessionHeader..."


This soap exception happens due to some back-end issues.
Please contact us by sending an email with a screen shot to and let us know you are having problems activating our Utilities.

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IMAGINiT Utilities License Error Code: -6 'WRONG VERSION' error

The license error dialog should show you where to find the license.  You will need to scroll down a little ...

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