Revit 2022 - not all content is installed by default


I just installed Revit 2022 and my Family/Template content is missing.


Your Revit 2022 was installed from a custom install created from an Autodesk account. It was created without adding the Family/Template content. In a Revit 2022 default installation all 14 supported language-based essential content will be installed, but for a Custom Installs from your Autodesk Account the essential content needs to added when the custom install was created. Autodesk has changed the Revit 2022 Custom Installs to only include a minimal set of content by default that is installed with the program. This Core content is not optional and is required for Revit functionality to run without error. You must download and install the Family/Template content manually if it is missing.


There are a couple of ways to get the Revit 2022 content and manually install it.

1. Go here and download the Revit 2022 content packs that you need and then run the downloaded exe to install:

2. Or use the Autodesk online guide to get missing Revit content:

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