Civil 3D - Odd Messages When Saving


Civil 3D when saving you receive odd messages when saving.


AecObjRelGraph(db:0xECFD0610)::modified <AeccDbNetworkCatalogDef DFB >

AecObjRelGraph(db:0xECFD0610)::modified <AcDbLayerTableRecord 61E6>

MSG: <AcDbLayerTableRecord 61E6> --> <AeccDbPointCloudStyle 61FF>

MSG: [Modified   RELTYPE: DispRefOf]

AecObjRelGraph(db:0xECFD0610)::modified <AeccDbPointCloudStyle 61FF>

AecObjRelGraph(db:0xECFD0610)::modified <AcDbLayerTableRecord 6BCE>

MSG: <AcDbLayerTableRecord 6BCE> --> <AeccDbSettingsNode   340E>

MSG: [Modified   RELTYPE: DispRefOf]”


These are diagnostic messages in Civil 3D. These messages have been enabled in the Options Dialog Box.


There are diagnostic messages that can be turned on in Civil 3D under options.


  • Launch the Options Dialog Box in Civil 3D.
  • Select the AEC Editor Tab.
  • In the upper left deselect the 3 options
    • Object Relationship Graph
    • Display Management System
    • Geometry
  • Select OK

You should no longer receive these messages.

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