Civil 3D – Annotations:  Mind the Gap

During a recent custom Civil 3D class, a client wanted to adjust their labels styles to reduce the gap in between lines of text (as seen below) but was struggling in accomplishing the needed look.

Standard vs Reduced gap:


At first we searched for a Line Spacing feature like Multiline Text (MTEXT) has, but there wasn’t anything exactly like that.


We then considered the Label Style dialog box Gap value (Layout tab > Border collection > Gap) to see if it could work.  However, we found this would only work if there were individual lines of component text.  If there is only one (1) component with embedded lines of text in the body, reducing the value, it will NOT change line to line spacing.


Work must be done to separate each line of text into its own Component and reduce or zero out the Gap field for each.


If appropriately configured the label gap will be reduced when dragged.



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