Autodesk Access Warnings and Errors conditions

Autodesk Access - Warning and error conditions

Access can appear in different states depending on your installed products, current install or uninstall activities, or network conditions.

Here is a list of some conditions you may see.

Updates are not available if you're not signed into Autodesk Access

If you're not signed into Autodesk Access, you may not see all the product updates available to you.

Sign in by clicking your avatar in the upper right of the Autodesk Access window. 

You are not connected to the internet

If you're having network issues and Autodesk Access isn't able to check for updates, you'll see an error message. Check your internet connection to ensure that Autodesk Access can determine which updates are available.

There is a normal delay on the first Autodesk Access launch

The first time you start Autodesk Access, it will gather information about your installed Autodesk products and updates before displaying the updates available to you. This may take some time.

Access can't install updates while other installs are in progress

If you're installing or uninstalling a product outside of Autodesk Access, you may see an alert that an installation is already in progress. In this case, Autodesk Access cannot install updates at the same time as other installations are in progress.

Waiting for Autodesk Access to finish updating itself

If Autodesk Access is currently installing an update of itself, you'll see a message that the update is in progress. You can open Autodesk Access once this update is completed.

Autodesk Access updates are not installed when UAC is set to "Never notify"

If you're a standard user and your Windows User Account Control (UAC) is set to "Never notify," Access won't install updates. Instead, you'll see a message that Access updates are managed by your admin. Once you re-enable UAC (move the UAC slider away from Never Notify), Access will allow update installation again.

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