Civil 3D: Storm and Sanitary, When Analyzing a Network crashes without Error


When Analyzing a Network Storm and Sanitary crashes without error.


  • File Corruption.
  • Background Image stored on Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Issue with Windows compatibility.



Option 1

  • Install latest updates for Civil 3D and Storm and Sanitary.


Option 2

  • Remove background Images before exporting to Storm and Sanitary.


Option 3

  • Use Data Shortcut to import Pipe Network into a clean file.


Option 4

  • Use the same version of Civil 3D and the comparable Storm and Sanitary. (Civil 3D 2020, SSA 2020, etc.).


Option 5

  • In SSA Export to LandXML (File>Export>LandXML File). Then import back into SSA (File>Import>LandXML File).

Make sure to check

  • Hydrology method
  • Basins
  • Subbasins
  • outlet node


Option 6

  • Create the Network in SSA rather than exporting from Civil 3D.


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