Civil 3D: Section Projections for ROW Labels

Kevin Breslin

Leo Lavayen | Applications Expert

At times the need to display and label objects in Section Views is needed but having to deal with corridors and their complexity may appear daunting or overkill. 

Autodesk Civil 3D supports the projection of AutoCAD and Civil 3D objects: Points, Solids, Blocks, Multi View Blocks, 3D Polylines, COGO Points, Feature Lines, or Survey Figures. 


The software presents the option to project to a Singular or Multiple Views.  The Dialog box will show what Civil or AutoCAD objects can be projected.


Further refinement/filtering can be done by using the Edit Output Display column browse button


It is important to note that appropriate label styles will need to be created.


In the example below two Feature Lines with elevations representing the Right-of-Way which will be projected to Section Views.


  1. From the Ribbon Home tab > Profile & Section View panel > expand Section View button > select > Project Objects to Multiple Section Views
  1. Select a Sample Line or a Section View.
  1. From the dialog box make sure the needed Object Types, in this case Feature Lines is checked.
  1. Review Projection results on Cross Sections.


As an added bonus, selecting and then right-clicking on the Projected objects provides the option to Zoom To Source…

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