Take Control of your Revit 2018 Schedules

August 24, 2017 Todd Behning

Over the years of working with Revit, it has become necessary to keep the View and Sheet Browser organized. Now Autodesk has given us the ability to organize our Schedules. As our Revit projects get bigger and more complex so do our schedules. Some projects may only have 5 to 6 schedules, but I have worked on projects with dozens of schedules. Some schedules may end up on sheets but many are designed to just support the design or QA/QC process. It can become increasingly difficult to keep the schedules organized.

How do we currently manage our long list of schedules?

Schedules1 Schedules2



Let's go through the steps to create your custom schedules.

First, customize and organize your Revit 2018 schedules.


Optionally, you can access the Browser Organization under the View Tab > User Interface.


Create new Organization Schemes such as Category, Phase or Schedule Type.


Define how your schedules are grouped and sorted. Use the Default choices or a custom parameter. 


The Results

Organized by Schedule Type.


Organized by Category.


Organized by Custom Parameters.

8-23-2017 10-10-04 AM

I hope this new feature adds efficiency to all of your Revit 2018 projects. Want more help getting your Revit 2018 set up? Consider a Revit Health Check or talk with your IMAGINiT representative to learn how we can help you. 

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Todd Behning

Solutions Consultant, Building<br><br>I have over 20 years of experience working in the AEC industry. My focus has be on AEC solutions from workflow to technical development. I have a high hive knowledge of multiple BIM platforms including all Revit and BIM 360. I have also taught all aspects of BIM from production staff to upper management. My 10 + years of experience include overseeing project teams to ensure quality and efficiency through the use of BIM. I have been instrumental in directing the vision of the BIM program.

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