Revit Shared Parameter

December 10, 2020 Navid Hoorzad

What Are Shared Parameters

Shared parameters are definitions that can be added to families or projects and shared with other families and projects. Shared parameters are stored in a file (.txt) independent of any family file or Revit project; this allows multiple families or projects to reference the same shared parameters enabling those parameters to be added to Revit schedules and tags.

A key point to keep in mind is Revit only allows one shared parameter file to be linked to a project at any giving time. However; this does not limit you to one shared parameter file per project. You can change linked shared parameter files without impacting any existing parameters already loaded into the project.

Loading a shared parameter file

Shared parameter files can be loaded to a project or family by navigating to the Manage tab and selecting Shared Parameters. Note that it's best to keep one shared parameter files per division such architecture, mechanical, civil etc.. 


Parameter Properties


There are six disciplines to choose from: Common, Structural, HVAC, Electrical, Piping and Energy. This tutorial will focus on the common discipline.

This is also where you will set the Type or Instance parameter setting.

  • Type will adjust the parameter value set for all instances of the family in your project.
  • Instance will adjust the parameter value set for one instance.


Parameter Types

When choosing the correct parameter types there are a couple of things to think about. For example: What property is it pertaining to? Is this parameter going to control or constrain anything in the model? Do I want to limit what is included in this parameter? For example, the “Length” parameter type will show only a length value in its value field, and a “Yes/No” parameter will enable a checkbox.  For a full list of parameter types and their functions refer to the Autodesk Help page.

Creating a Shared Parameters

Within a Family

  1. While editing/creating a family select “Family Types”.
  2. In the Family Types dialog use the sheet icon to create a parameter.
  3. In the Parameter Properties dialog select Shared Parameter and pick “Select”.
  4. There are two outcomes:
    1. If a shared parameter has not been added to the family, select “Yes”.

      Pick “Browse” and load the correct Shared Parameter text file. 
    2. If a shared parameter file is defined, check the path to ensure the correct one is selected. 
  5. Choose a parameter group which suits the type of parameter you are creating and under the parameter section select “New”.
  6. Fill in the name, discipline and type of parameter and select OK.
  7. Select OK several times to return to the parameter type dialog. Assigned a Type/Instance setting, choose a group to sort the parameter under and select OK.


Within a Project

  1. From the Manage tab select Project Parameters.
  2. In the project parameter dialog select “Add”
  3. Set the parameter type to “Shared Parameter” and pick “Select”
  4. If a sharped parameter file has not been added to the project or the path has changed, select “Yes” and Browse to the correct shared parameter file. 
  5. From the Shared Parameter dialog choose an existing parameter to add to the project
    Select “New” from the Edit Shared Parameter dialog to create a new parameter. Refer to Step 5 of Creating a Shared Parameter Within a Family.