Office Space Planning for Government Agencies

Office space needs are changing. Are employees coming back to the office full time? Part time? Will teams collaborate in war rooms throughout projects again? Will managers return to regular in-person staff meetings? The answers to these questions are critical for determining how best to use existing office space, but according to many of our customers, the answers keep changing.

To help customers make informed decisions about their current and future space usage, we recommend Archibus software, an integrated workplace management system used to manage approximately 15 million properties around the world. 

Companies use Archibus to document existing space usage, evaluate future needs, and test various scenarios to ensure the ongoing proper mix of fixed office space, hoteling spaces, conference rooms, touchdown areas, and more. This careful planning improves employee productivity by minimizing downtime and frustration caused by inadequate access to needed space by individuals and teams.

To see how Archibus can help you bring employees back into the office while making the most out of your space, watch the recording of this 40-minute webinar.

Here is a summary of the key capabilities discussed and demonstrated in the webinar:


1.    Starting with floor plans created in Autodesk AutoCAD or Revit, companies can use Archibus to document:

      a.    Current space designations: not occupied, vacant, occupied but with capacity, at capacity, overcapacity.

      b.    The employee(s) assigned to each space as well as specific details about that employee, such as department name and days/hours in the office. 

2.    With the as-is information complete, companies can make data-driven decisions to optimize space usage and easily document changes like office sharing, designated team areas, and hoteling spaces. 

3.    To strategically plan for the future, companies can create “what if” scenarios that address an increase or decrease in headcount over time by moving departments to other floors, reallocating space, grouping employees differently, etc. In addition to making changes, people can mark up the floor plans with notes, arrows, and comments for easy collaboration amongst the planning team. 

The IMAGINiT Difference

Make sure you get a strong return on your software investment by teaming with IMAGINiT: 

The Right Solution: IMAGINiT has been an Archibus Certified Reseller for many years. We also have extensive experience helping federal, state, and local government agencies become more proficient in the use of 3D technologies to design, develop, and manage complex engineering projects faster and more cost-effectively. You can count on us to help you select and use the right software for your specific situation. 

Procuring the Software: To ensure our government customers follow the appropriate procurement procedures and to help the process move as smoothly as possible, we partner with TD Synnex. TD Synnex offers the public sector infrastructure (e.g., appropriate contract vehicles, appropriate legal teams, product positioning, etc.) to effectively provide products to the government. TD Synnex holds contracts for the most utilized federal vehicles (GSA, DoD ESI, 2GIT, and SEWP5), several other federal vehicles, dozens of state and local vehicles, and they have thousands of partnerships and other set-aside companies.

Next Steps

Let’s begin a discussion about how you can use Archibus to make informed decisions about whether to retain space, repurpose it, or release it. Our government/Archibus experts will:

  • Learn about your specific situation and recommend the best Archibus tools for your current and long-term needs
  • Bring TD Synnex in to help you procure the software
  • Provide training and ongoing support to ensure you get a strong return on investment  

Contact us today.

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