File Searches with Autodesk Construction Cloud's Enhanced Search Functionality

June 28, 2023 Ramsey Sufian

Efficiently managing project files is a critical aspect of successful construction project management. To help streamline this process, Autodesk Construction Cloud has introduced an exciting new feature that empowers project members to save, edit, and rerun their file search criteria directly within the platform. This enhanced search functionality not only saves valuable time but also enables users to search by keywords, apply various filters (including customer attributes), adjust search settings, and specify folders to search. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of this new capability and how it can revolutionize your file management experience.

Simplify File Searches:
Locating specific files within a vast collection can often be a time-consuming and frustrating task. With Autodesk Construction Cloud's enhanced search functionality, project members can now easily save and rerun their search criteria, simplifying the file search process significantly. By saving search parameters such as keywords, filters, and folder preferences, users can effortlessly repeat complex searches with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to recreate search queries from scratch.

Customize Search Criteria:
The new search feature empowers users with a high degree of customization and flexibility. Project members can refine their searches by utilizing a wide range of filters, including customer attributes, to narrow down results and pinpoint the exact files they need. Whether you're searching by project phase, file type, date range, or any other relevant attribute, the ability to save and rerun customized search criteria ensures consistent and accurate results every time.

Effortlessly Edit and Rerun Searches:
In addition to saving search criteria, Autodesk Construction Cloud allows project members to edit and rerun their searches seamlessly. If you need to modify a specific search parameter, add or remove filters, or adjust folder preferences, you can do so effortlessly without starting the search process anew. This dynamic capability ensures that your file searches remain adaptable to evolving project requirements and enables you to stay organized throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity:
The ability to save and rerun search criteria in Autodesk Construction Cloud fosters improved collaboration among project team members. By sharing search templates, team members can align their file searches, ensuring consistency in locating relevant documents and information. This feature not only saves time but also promotes productivity by eliminating duplicate efforts and reducing the chance of overlooking crucial files.

Optimized File Management and Organization:
Efficient file management and organization are vital for streamlined project workflows. With the enhanced search functionality, Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers project members to establish a well-structured file system by searching within specific folders. By specifying the folders to search, users can avoid cluttered search results and focus on the files that matter most, enhancing overall file management efficiency and enabling faster access to critical project information.

Autodesk Construction Cloud's enhanced search functionality revolutionizes the way project members manage and locate files. By enabling users to save, edit, and rerun search criteria, the platform empowers construction professionals to streamline their file management processes. The ability to customize search parameters, including filters and folder preferences, ensures accurate and consistent results, saving time and improving productivity. By harnessing this powerful tool, project teams can collaborate more effectively, stay organized, and optimize their file management workflows. Embrace this new feature within Autodesk Construction Cloud and elevate your project documentation and information retrieval to new heights of efficiency.

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Ramsey Sufian

BSD Applications Expert<br><br>Construction Professional, graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. I have the ability to learn new software and new skill quickly. I'm familiar with AutoCAD, Revit, Onscreen Takeoff, Bluebeam, CostX, and other Building Information Modeling software.

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