Creating Animations in Your Autodesk Navisworks Models

April 1, 2022

On our recent Best Practices for Working with Plant 3D and Navisworks webinar, we showed the benefits of using the software’s animator to build a video of the construction progress using work sets, viewpoints, and the construction schedule.

Some of the viewers asked if it was possible to demonstrate other animation features such as opening doors and creating a script for it. We didn’t have the time to cover this topic during the webinar, so we created a tech tip video to demonstrate how to do the tasks requested.

Creating animations in Navisworks is an easy way of bringing the coordination model to life without having to use more specialized products such as 3DS Max which is also included in the AEC collection.

Animations can provide a better way of understanding the modeled elements. For example, they can show an exploded animation of an assembly to see how all the different pieces fit together, or as in the video created, show the unloading of a truck and the opening of a door.

For users that want to create a dynamic coordination model, scripts can be used to perform certain actions such as playing animations, which are started by executing different events such as by getting inside a specified area, or when a key is pressed, as it is shown in the video below.


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