Connecting People and Places, Purposefully

May 8, 2018 Peter Costanzo, FMP

When I started working in facilities management, few organizations placed much emphasis on facilities outside of cost center.  Perceptions have changed significantly as management realized how physical environments impact worker productivity and customer experience.  ARCHIBUS recently put out a brief video, which provides a powerful argument for focusing on people, places and purpose to move organizations forward.

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About the Author

Peter Costanzo, FMP

Director, Facilities Management Solutions<br><br>Peter has worked in IMAGINiT’s Facilities Management group for over 15 years and has held progressively larger roles within the division. Peter’s unique blend of experience in hardware, software, digital twins, IoT and facilities management applications allows him to work with clients to craft solutions that meet both current and future facility management needs. Peter is a proponent of technical applications for building information modeling within facilities management.

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